Tim Robinson – fine photography , 2013 exhibition

Above shown are only a part of the exhibition .

What subjects my photographs cover

Most of my photographs were taken recently around London.  They were taken on a digital SLR and compact cameras and enhanced in Photoshop.  They consist of flowers pictured in my local churchyard in Hanwell using a macro lens also on my housing estate.  I took candid shots of Soho Festival held in church gardens on a sunny summer’s day with the Mayor attending.  I pictured stallholders interacting with visitors, bands playing, people fashionably dressed and local famous names inscribed at Soho Museum.  It includes pictures I took of the River pageant at the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee last summer.  Shots of the Royal Family on the Royal Barge, patriotic crowds and face painters also celebrities Sir Bruce Forsythe and Billy Connolly.  It is largely street photography with shots of the underground and main line stations with people waiting on platforms sometimes stylishly clothed.  My sister seated in a train with a train flashing past the window.  In contrast a picture taken through a car’s windscreen of the landscape of the Chilterns on a rainy day.  There are shots at and near Soho Square also action with a cyclist and postman near Victoria and pictures showing form and shape.  I have included the Bishop of London Right Rev Richard Chartres talking to an elderly lady in a wheelchair at St Paul’s also a band in a subway at Blackfriars.  There are shots of well-known buildings and Save Ealing Hospital Accident & Emergency march, farewell to Red Lion Greenford party, at being demolished, with Steve acting Usain Bolt and a dog at a café.  A shot of kids in action playing with balloons and a wedding group posed before the register at Ealing Register Office where I was official photographer.  The Christmas lights at Ealing High Street on New Years Eve and celebrating it in the garden at the Red Lion Ealing.  The Portugal Prints’ (Westminster Mind) Christmas Party held in Soho. I do voluntary teaching photography there.  Ending with shots of the Mary Belson Quartet with legendary jazz pianist Jack Honeyborne and the singer Genevieve Ford-Saville.

Why I take Photographs 


I took my first photograph of the school chapel window aged ten.  At nineteen, I took shots of the Borneo jungle and its natives while fighting as a platoon commander with the Green Jackets in the sixties.  I started photography as a hobby in 1968 using a Pentax 35mm film camera while working in other jobs.  God called me to freelance photography, graduating from a commercial diploma course at Ealing College in 1975.  I was official photographer at fifty weddings for a professional studio and as a freelance in London.  I also photographed parties, AGMs, portraits, street photography and worked for a photographic lab.  I held a number of exhibitions at The Questors Theatre, Ealing Hospital, The Millinery Works, Acton Library, The Grove Gallery and elsewhere.  I have also been exhibited at other galleries like PM Gallery, Ealing.  I sold quite a few pictures from these exhibitions mainly candid photos of people at home and abroad in towns and at events like Carnivals.  I started digital photography in 2004.  I have recently turned to street photography more seriously having two successful exhibitions at Questors Theatre last year.  One was on Street Photography in London and one on the Paralympic Games.  I have suffered two breakdowns and heart failure but recovered due to my faith and the help of doctors with medication.  I worked for Ealing Mencap as a volunteer photography project worker for five years.  With users with Learning disabilities we successfully produced and sold photographic greetings cards.  I was surprised I succeeded in photography and self published an autobiography I wrote about my photography and combating illness in 2011 called ‘Faith & Adversity in a Snapshot.’  It sold over a hundred copies at a small profit.  I have done several courses on Street photography, photojournalism and Photoshop being published a number of times.  I have produced a calendar of my photographs around London over the past four years, which have sold quite well in spite of walking with a stick due to a fall and two operations on my legs.  I hope my exhibited photos show some of the beauty, colour, style and life on London’s streets.

         Tim Robinson


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