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arboreal adj. of or living in trees [Latin arbor tree]


Most of us have an affinity with or at least a liking for trees.

They are the green woodlands of misty Albion, habitat to many hundreds of varied species, source of light and fuel and shelter, dwelling place for generations of our ancestors, spiritual home to Herne the Hunter and the elvish folk; refuge for outlaws and hermits, the very lungs of England graciously consuming our filth, haven for urban refugees and those seeking nature’s peace.

These images were all taken in England. They are from some of our most glorious woodlands in the New Forest, Burnham Beeches, the Peak District, the Chilterns, Warwickshire and Ashdown Forest.

Aside from the black & white shots, none of these photos have been digitally manipulated or enhanced.

These are gifts from the Creator in all their natural glory.

If you would like smaller framed images of any photograph on display, this can be arranged. I have a very flexible approach to the client’s needs. I can also offer a discount if purchasing a multitude of prints. They can be signed or un-signed according to your requirements.

For every sale of the larger pieces of work, £10 will be donated to the Heart of England Forest project, initiated by wealthy philanthropist Felix Dennis. £10 will pay for the planting, nurturing and maintenance of a healthy sapling.

“I’ve been busy for years, buying land, often under pseudonyms, and planting trees on it. All the money is going into it when I die…. and in the end I’d like to think that it will be 20 to 30,000 acres.” 

Felix Dennis

Tim Beckerley



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