Agnes Habas , watercolours


Agnieszka Habas has had exhibitions since 1999.

Executed in various media (watercolour, acrylics, oils, collage, mixed media) they show the multiform subjects and ideas developed into abstracted or semi-abstracted pictures and compositions.

The use of a variety of media lends itself to the inventive use of colour and express her interest in using texture in different techniques. Clearly Agnieszka Habas’s work does not come from a production line but does show her own style and draws inspiration from famous artists of the past.


For the past four years Agnieszka Habas has studied and attended the studio of David Wiseman who is an artist and lecturer and who has taught at Kingston, Slade and Winchester Art Colleges among others.

Agnieszka Habas is also a member of West London Artists as well as of the independent group of local artist “Ealing Brushstrokes”. She took part in various group exhibitions including the 2008 exhibition at Osterley House, PM Gallery in Ealing and at the Bedford Park Festival.

Her second exhibition at The Grove Gallery , starting on the 11 10 2012      and ending on the      10 12 2012    will be showing works presented below and hopefully as successful as the previous one , back in 2009 .


3 thoughts on “Agnes Habas , watercolours

  1. Ciociu bardzo jestem dumna , że udało Ci się pokazać swoje prace .Wszystkie są bardzo ciepłe i ogląda się je z przyjemnością.
    Mam nadzieję , że pozostali którzy to obejrzą będą podobnego zdania.
    Pozdrawiam mocno od całe rodziny tj./mama Patryk i ja/
    p.s Jeździ się super
    do zobaczenia już wkrótce

    • Dziekuje w imieniu A.Habas i The Grove Gallery . Zapraszamy w odwiedziny , a szczegolnie na wernisaz . Lacze pozdrowienia

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