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Time  Out review , Eating & Drinking 2004 :

Café  Grove

65 The Grove , W5 5LL (8810 0364), Ealing

Broadway tube/rail. Open11am-11pm Mon-Sat;

11am-10.30pmSun . Main courses £5-£7.50.

Credit MC,V.

Hugely   popular – and   just around  the corner from a  Polish  community centre  – Café  Grove offers an excellent   deli  -  style   brunch   menu   as  well  as a selection  of Polish  treats . The staff  are welcoming and friendly ,  and the décor clean and modern, with a   corrugated  ceiling  giving  a  club  effect to match the techno on the stereo …   Pierogi were .., doughy, chewy  ,  comforting  slabs  filled  with    potato  and cheese  . Café  Grove’s     cheesecake  is  out of   this world  : a  slice  of   fluffy  air  with  alcohol – soaked raisins  sinking  to  the bottom . Full of  hearty locals drinking Polish  beer  with  their  full  English breakfast  . Café Grove is a  fun  place .  “

Time  Out review , Eating & Drinking 2005 :

Ealing W5             Café  Grove

65 The Grove , W5 5LL (020 8810 0364), Ealing Broadway tube/rail. Open11am-11pm Mon-Sat;11am-10.30pm Sun .

Main courses £5-£7.50. Credit MC,V.

This funky little neighbourhood café really is a gem . Popular with local Poles ,Café Grove offers an  enjoyable deli-style brunch menu as well as authentic Polish treats. There’s art on the walls and artistry in the food .The fluffy melt-in-the-mouth concoction that here is called cheesecake is the closest thing to heaven we’ve tasted. Savoury dishes are mostly delectable too. Our red borscht and zurek were spicy, flecked with herbs, and had a richness of flavour that would give any other cuisine a good run for money…. .Golabki ( spicy pork meat and rice parcels wrapped in specially selected Savoy cabbage leaves ) ,served with a rich, creamy tomato sauce, did not disappoint .Café Grove has a pleasant informal atmosphere, friendly, prompt service and low prices. We waddled home rather envying the residents of  W5 .  “


Time  Out review , Eating & Drinking 2007 :

Café Grove

In an effort to rein in the hyperbole, we will say that we can think of one downside to an evening spent dining at Café Grove – a meal there does serve to encourage gluttony of the highest order. A steaming bowl of borscht made for the perfect starter. We followed that with pierogi that were little parcels of discovery – some filled with potato, some sauerkraut, some meat or cheese – and each of the discoveries was a happy one. Ordering from an ample specials board provided the greatest treat of all: golonka (stewed pork knuckle) was exceptionally tender and tasty, served with an enormous pile of chips and veggies, all for less than £7. Our advice: come with an empty stomach, then try to fill it.

By Time Out Editors        Posted: Jan 29 2010

Restaurant: Polish

Café Grove continues to draw a dedicated following from Polish locals, who see it as much as a community centre as a café, not to mention a gallery for aspiring Polish artists. It doesn’t hurt that the food is also first rate: the gypsy pancake was beautifully crisp, brimming with a tender goulash filling and topped with a great wallop of crème fraîche; other knockouts include pierogi (boiled dumplings), which come stuffed with either pork and spinach or cream cheese, and a pork hock virtually falling off the bone. Be sure to book on Friday and Saturday nights, and starve in advance: portions are big enough to draw gasps from the uninitiated.

Comments :

Rated as: 5/5    (2 ratings)

AW         Sun May 6 2012      Report

I chose the Gypsy Pancake & my fiancé chose the Schnitzel. My potato pancake was crispy edged & seasoned perfectly, the goulash filling had tender beef & silken veg.The schnitzel was thinly crumbed fried nicely. Delicious meals, generous servings lovely service – we will be regulars here!

 By Ealonian – Dec 30 2011

rated 4 stars / out of 5 The Grove Cafe ought to be a lot more crowded than it usually is these days. Perhaps one of the reasons is that you’ve got the times wrong. It doesn’t open for lunch, but does open for dinner from (I think) about 6.30 onwards. And it’s always served alcohol! We LOVE the crepes, the zurek soup is seriously tasty, the potato pancakes divine. Many items (such as the potato pancakes) are freshly cooked to order, so you may have to wait a few minutes. The helpings are generous, the service pleasant and the prices remarkably cheap. It’s a great little neighbourhood restaurant.
By beninhanwell – Jan 31 2011

It is a very accurate review. Food is great, service is lovely and the cheesecake is out of this world.

Ealing Cycling Campaign meets here on the first Wednesday of each month.


Cafe Grove ( rating out of 10 ) :

Overall 7.0
Food 7.0
Service 7.0
Atmosphere 4.0
Value 10.0

1 comment :

I have been going to Cafe Grove on a monthly basis for the last two years. It might lack atmosphere but this is more than made up for by the fact that the food is delicious – always -, the service is warm and friendly and the prices fall most definitely in the category of value-for-money. Portions are big.

They quite capably managed to cope with 35 people in my party last night.

To be recommended.

7  - overall rating 7 stars
Food 7 | Service 7 | Atmosphere 4 | Value for money 10
Thursday, December 03, 2009

From     Timinator-Sydney
Review of Café Grove from 19 March 2008 (updated on 18 July 2008)

rating 5 / out of 5

Café Grove is a real treat. It’s great, home-cooked, Polish food. Portions are big, and the style is authentic. Breaded, spiced minced chicken. Perogis. Blini with goulash. Borscht. Cheese fondue. More types of pork than you could want. All with tasty potatoes, sauerkraut and dill.

They serve breakfast, too, if you want a cheap fry-up.

There are several Polish beers, all manner of spirits, a few wines, and even a cocktail menu on offer. They’ve got several brands of vodka.

It’s a small but cozy place. About five tables for two and two tales for four. There’s a photo exhibit currently on the walls. Service is very friendly, and they’re happy to explain what the Polish dishes are. The food is very cheap for what you get: most main dishes are £8 or less, and you probably won’t be able to finish them. Seriously, this is not “light” eating in any sense of the word.

If you need your eastern European meat-and-potatoes fix, you will not get it any better and cheaper than here at Café Grove.

22 compliments

Site review :

Cafe Grove is a delightful Polish restaurant which serves a cracking menu of traditional dishes cooked using authentic methods and ingredients.

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Reviewer TimBeckerley


I’m a local (non-polish) resident who eats regularly at Cafe Grove.It’s a modest, friendly establishment which serves traditional Polish food at excellent prices; there aren’t many places these days where you can have a good home-cooked European meal in generous proportions for around £8-9.The Cafe doubles as an art gallery, featuring paintings and photography from local artists. Well recommended.

Site review : Café Grove is a friendly local Polish based café, it’s somewhat hidden away on one of Ealing’s lesser-known back streets but definitely worth tracking down. From 11am they are open for hearty brunches including the classic English fry up as well as more traditional Polish options. Lunches and evening meals are a more glamorous affair including blinis and borscht at very reasonable prices. Reviewed by Linda Buttle

I was in London last week, and twice visited Cafe Grove in Ealing. (Ealing has a large Polish community, dating back to World War II.) The restaurant has a very relaxed atmosphere, and the food was excellent. One day I had herring in oil — absolutely delicious! — for starters, and Gołąbki (stuffed with pork) for the main course. Then I had pierogi (stuffed with pork and spinach), and a dessert of pancakes with bananas, all washed down with a Tyskie beer. It was all delicious — highly recommended!

I should add that I’m not affiliated with Cafe Grove in any way!



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