Alessandro ‘Amos’ Moscogiuri

Amos The Dark was born in Florence in 1981. Cultivating a passion for comics and the world of satirical cartoon, doodleing starts from early childhood. Inspired by the zany and fun side of life, he creates his own language without feeling the need to follow the usual rules of the popular comic strip. Grotesque and stupid, but also sensitive and erotic, Amos tips on the dark side of reality and the study of the human unconscious, promising to consider all points of view (in black and white). Work experience include tattoo boards, covers of various kinds, plaster frescoes for walls, t-shirts, and posters for cultural events. As a freelance artist, he collaborates with writers, screenwriters (storyboards for short films), and other independent creative minds.

He is currently collaborating with London-based Italian monthly newspaper La Notizia and Amstel Art Gallery in South West London.

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parker's FRAMElatrineFRAMElastFRAME




guv'norFRAMEgimmicks FRAMEdream FRAME




amos the dark 201420-palestinian patiencebankerFRAME


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