Tim Robinson and John Ullens

John has always been said to be very creative.  Photography releases his desire to express himself, in a visual way, about the people and scenes he photographs, as his pictures show in this exhibition.  This helps him keep busy and is the best therapy available.  For he often seems to get good feedback.

 AgaModelAliveSMLAngie Best4bookArielB&W

















KatarinaLadyBobbyOlympicsLilleFlowerNHill1NHill2NoParkingPunksRainbowSal and Bienvenida4bookSMLSingerSMLSusanneRoofSybanSybanRoofSylviaSylviaChimneys































Tim also likes to photograph people in various settings, like carnivals or Ealing JazzFestival, trying to capture the action as the scenes unfold before him.  Sometimes people pose like the Carnival Queen at Notting Hill, friends at Walpole Park, barmaids on New Year’s Eve, responding to the camera.  But often he captures street scenes as people interact in a positive way at markets or fairs, enjoying the moment or engage in some activity, like running the London Marathon and the Ealing half marathon.  Like John he gets good feedback from visitors to his exhibitions, for which he is grateful and also thanks God, who helps him get his pictures, in spite of his disability and having to use a walking cane.

Emily LeeIMG_2812Never The Bride Nikki Lamborn



John and Tim Private View , 08 03 2014

IMG_3384 v 01IMG_3392IMG_3389


IMG_3386 v 01IMG_3395IMG_3397



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